About me

With a background studying architecture and sustainable design, and consulting organizations on implementation of sustainable solutions, I am intrigued by methods to incorporate urban agriculture, cater to an increasingly mobile workforce, and develop mutually beneficial relationships between community organizations, business, and government.

As a project manager I know how to take projects from conception to conclusion – managing time, budget, and client interests with project goals – and as a designer I am driven to discover how we innovate current practices to meet the needs of today while solving the challenges of tomorrow.

I encourage you to review my past and work samples and follow me on Twitter (@AaronLWilson) to see what I am working on and thinking about, and connect with me to discuss ideas on how we can work together to create a brighter and successful future!

Currently I am interested in:
a.) Learning Python and experimenting with programming systems for my DIY urban agricultural system in my apartment.

d.) My search for the life-ruiningly outstanding.

c.) Interested in how we adapt for climate change and other future events.

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