Next Level Communication

The philosophy of Patchopolis is to encourage social interaction. Many social applications (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Periscope, etc.) support the Globalization of society, enabling sharing of information and experiences with a world wide audience and allowing individuals to remain in contact with old connections in an increasingly migratory world. However, these applications cannot replace the value of intimate connections, and the serendipitous discoveries, which can only occur in-person. Serendipity cannot be planned or simulated, we stumble into valuable, pleasant connections through the events, places, and interactions with others. Through living in the moment we create these lucky connections. For establishing local connections there are applications like Tinder that encourage local interaction, but they are based on a thin facade. These applications all began from the same method which was to create a tool and let the user tell you its value and purpose. Patchopolis requires the next level of application development that builds applications with a purpose in mind, to enable and encourage local serendipity.

People judge books by their cover. To some degree it is unavoidable and Tinder and other local interaction applications expose that evaluation (Fast Company, I Found Out My Secret Internal Tinder Rating And Now I Wish I Hadn’t). The jumping off point with the application is based on very limited user created information and a visual interpretation. This does not strengthen community and social exchange, it creates a culture that is afraid to fail. Just like the application, created with the least features to attract the most users who will then instruct the developer in how it will be used, the user gives the least information necessary to maximize contacts rather than valuable personality information. This is harmful because individuals become afraid to expose any actual depth and prevents the building of skill of how to present and introduce oneself to someone new. For an application to encourage local interaction it needs to go further than skin deep, it must reveal the qualities of the individual.

The next iteration of social applications needs to be developed as a tool to correct this fear and enable users to better make serendipitous interaction. Up until now developers created tools, threw them at society and said you figure it out, tell us how you will put it to use. This was the developers learning period. It is time for evolution, to start creating tools with an identified purpose.

Patchopolis needs applications that bring the local community together and create opportunities for serendipitous interaction. Based off the concept of silent disco (Silent Events) we need applications that take the user out of their own head and encourage living in the moment. What if the application you were using to listen to a podcast allowed shared listening over a short distance? This would enable users to mutually choose to get out of your headphones and connect with someone over shared content interest. Applications become tools in Patchopolis to engage the members of a community with one another.