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Home as an Extension of the Individual

Mobility is a necessary part of life. Whether it is switching neighborhoods or cities for education, a new job, or simply traveling for a week of training or meetings the process is disruptive, expensive and time-consuming. Search through home – your sanctuary – and consider what items you cannot go without and what is not necessary. No matter how temporary the transition it shakes up life and the feeling of comfort and safety. Home must adapt with the individual. Based on the concepts of The Adaptable House in Denmark, designed to expand as a family gets larger or contract after a breakup or divorce without major construction and structural changes, housing needs to fit the individual’s life-style (Peters, Fast Company). The concept and design of housing needs to be thought of as an assembly of parts. Create a collection of cubes, the most intimate of which – where one relaxes after a long day and sleeps – is a mobile extension of the individual, going on the trip or a life transition with them. At the end of the day the individual still has a place called home, with all the personal belongings – their personal identity – with them. Patchopolisenvisions a future where home is more than a state of mind, it is an extension of you.

An all too familiar scene, I again am moving cities, packing everything. This time it is more disruptive, my farm (what little survived my last week long work trip) will not survive this and needs to be cut down and disassembled. Once in my new apartment it is weeks before I am unpacked and who knows when I will feel like finding new furniture. That feeling of a sanctuary is ripped away and for a few weeks this isn’t my comfortable get away at the end of a work day. It is a foreign land where I reside.

Housing as an extension of the individual can be based around the development of superstructures. The individual’s piece packs up, is removed, and travels to the new site to be placed in another superstructure. This saves space in cities, not needing to provide full hotel rooms for a traveler. Instead the core exists and provides a structure to slide in individual cubes, each with amenities specific to the individual’s own tastes and needs. Universities would similarly not provide whole dormitories, and families wouldn’t have to find a new house. The city would become a collection of cores to which you and your cube attach. Fitting with the vision and goals of Patchopolis, communities transition as individuals reorganize and moving becomes an easy, comfortable process rather than a time and financial burden to the individual.

Core and cube

Core and cube

Cubes individualized  with what owner finds comforting

Cubes individualized with what owner finds comforting

An individual's sanctuary

An individual’s sanctuary