Patchopolis is the re-imagination of the existing urban environment through the lens of cultural and technological trends. While the vision of a shimmering, sustainable city is a tantalizing concept, we do not get to simply start over. Working within the existing urban fabric, patches are created to build on existing conditions to decentralize inefficient systems through small installations to support healthier, more efficient, and profitable environments. Patchopolis strives to improve existing conditions while preparing communities for tectonic shifts in climate and population.

This blog reviews real and theoretical projects, products, and ideas found through news sources, literature, and social media. Patchopolis is a conceptual laboratory for developing a vision for the future that will eventually evolve to develop a patch in a future lab that will be a physical manifestation of the work within this blog.

Read, theorize, criticize, collaborate and of the utmost importance – ENJOY!